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Planning & Transportation

Welcome to the Regional Planning & Transportation division of the Salt Lake County Office of Regional Development, where we're dedicated to creating sustainable and thriving communities through comprehensive regional plans, transportation strategies, and land use management.

Our team of experts is committed to promoting responsible growth and development in Salt Lake County, while also preserving our natural resources and improving quality of life for all residents. We work closely with local governments, community organizations, and businesses to develop and implement plans and policies that support our region's long-term growth and prosperity.

We believe that thoughtful planning and responsible stewardship are critical to ensuring a high quality of life for all residents in Salt Lake County. Whether you're a community member, business owner, or local government representative, we invite you to explore our website to learn more about our work and how we can collaborate to create a brighter future for our County.

A road with trees on the side. A road with trees on the side.

Upper Mill Creek Canyon Road Project

This project will reconstruct the failing road, pedestrian safety, and watershed improvements in between Big Water Trailhead and Winter Gate in Upper Mill Creek Canyon so residents can continue to safely access federal lands.

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A city street with a tall building and snowy mountains in the background. A city street with a tall building and snowy mountains in the background.

Corridor Preservation Fund

The Local Highway and Transportation Corridor Preservation Fund is used to preserve a highway or public transit corridor that is right-of-way. Corridor preservation corridors may include active transportation projects provided that they are associated with a road.

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A group of people riding bikes. A group of people riding bikes.

Biking Resources

Ride your bike with confidence and learn how to use GREENbike from the Salt Lake County Government Center. Take advantage of the many miles of trails for commuting or recreation and reduce air pollution emissions in Salt Lake County.

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