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Canyons Management Program

The lands within Salt Lake County are vital natural infrastructure. The benefits of accessing nature for our mental health, physical health, and outdoor recreation economy enhance our community at large. The canyons frame Salt Lake County's greater Wasatch Front and Oquirrh Mountains; from the highest snow-covered peaks to the creeks which flow through our canyons and urban systems into the Great Salt Lake.

The Canyons Management Program takes a holistic approach to the planning, relationship, and preservation of all canyons within Salt Lake County. We strive to understand our canyons through the lens of our community and the integral connections to our urban ecological system.   


The Office of Regional Development is a convener with partners on key aspects across Salt Lake County, including Economic Development, Planning and Transportation, Housing and Community Development, Environmental Impact, and the Canyons Management Program. The Canyons Management Program directs, plans, oversees and evaluates all programs within the office of Regional Development that fall within the lands of the Wasatch, Traverse, and Oquirrh mountains.

We work collaboratively with state and local governments, businesses, and community organizations to accomplish goals today to ensure a sustainable and bright future for the next generation and beyond.  


The Canyons Management Program advocates for increased outdoor opportunities through equitable access to our public lands. Our team provides technical expertise, policy knowledge, and experience related to the stewardship, protection, enhancement, and use of natural resources within the Central Wasatch, Traverse, and Oquirrh mountain ranges within Salt Lake County. Our work focuses on County priorities and direction by coordinating with internal agencies and community stakeholders.  

Salt Lake County is committed to protecting our communities’ natural and ecological resources which frame our urban environment. The roots of the Canyons Management Program are founded on a deep connection to our natural landscapes advocating a balanced approach between recreation and conservation. The Canyons Management Program’s framework will position Salt Lake County as a leading agency, coordinating holistic strategy in creating an action plan for the Traverse, Oquirrh and Wasatch Mountains.


Protect, enhance and promote ecological and social values in the canyons through balanced approaches in conservation, recreation, and thriving communities in Salt Lake County 


A vibrant and thriving ecosystem and community connection to our canyons 


A large area with many buildings. A large area with many buildings.

H2Oquirrh - Southwest Waterways Visioning Plan

H2Oquirrh aims to spearhead the long-term enhancement of waterways in southwest Salt Lake County by focusing on the natural and urban water corridors emanating from the Oquirrh Range.

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A river running through a forest. A river running through a forest.

Canyons Strategic Plan

The Canyons Management Program's strategic plan, formed via stakeholder engagement and regional alignment, is a policy tool that aims to preserve Salt Lake County's canyons. It acknowledges their vital link to our wider urban ecological system.

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A road with trees and mountains. A road with trees and mountains.

Wasatch Canyons General Plan

Adopted in 2020, the Wasatch Canyons General Plan established the long-range vision for Little Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Mill Creek Canyon, Parleys Canyon, and the Foothills.

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Open Space

The Open Space Program serves to protect and preserve land within the County with high conservation values benefiting our residents by providing areas for human respite, renewal, and recreation. 1450 acres of open space is managed by Salt Lake County.