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Open Space

Salt Lake County prioritizes the preservation of undeveloped areas for the conservation of natural resources and for public access and enjoyment. 

Working collaboratively with the Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Committee, Salt Lake County Mayor and Council, funding for open space acquisitions, maintenance, and public use has been a priority since 2007. 




2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase 

This parcel was purchased with the partnership of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and Utah Open Lands.  Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on the parcel.  


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

The Killyon's Canyon property is a unique, 265-acre property in the alpine region of Emigration Canyon. It is a museum piece of geologic and botanical diversity with virgin, old-growth conifer forests, more than a mile of healthy riparian habitat along two perennial streams, and one of which is Emigration Canyon's largest springs. Utah Open Lands holds a conservation easement on the parcel.


Pre-bond Purchase

While the history of Emigration Canyon has local significance this undisturbed meadow also has many ecological values that are now protected.  Wetlands created by Emigration Creek aid in the water quality of water that eventually runs into the Jordan River watershed.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Thousands of visitors will access trails such as, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, trails in the Heritage Preserve and National Forest, City Creek and Emigration Canyon from this parcel. The conservation easement that Salt Lake County holds on this parcel will also protect the nearly 120 plant species found on the parcel from native sagebrush, native perennials, and native grasses.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

The H-Rock is not only a local landmark, but an important part of the Salt Lake Valley's Open Space.  Salt Lake City owns the parcel and Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on the parcel.  The H-Rock sits just below the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and has easy access for residents who enjoy the extraordinary views and system of trails.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This parcel of open space is contiguous to the 12 acre Wasatch Hollow Park and will provide contiguous protection for an important riparian area along Emigration Creek. Wasatch Hollow is an area with a strong community presence that advocates for restoration and possibly a site for outdoor education classes that showcase watershed stewardship, wildlife and vegetation in an urban setting.  Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on the parcel.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

The Draw at Sugar House represents an important segment of the PRATT effort to connect the Bonneville Shoreline to the Jordan River through an 8-mile Parley's Creek Trail.  Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on this parcel.

2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This connection will provide Salt Lake County residents a vital east/west recreation trail that ultimately will connect the Jordan River Parkway and Trail to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The plan includes efforts to restore the native riparian vegetation, restore wildlife habitat, and protection of enhancement of water quality.  Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on this parcel.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

The Eastern foothills is an important winter range area and migration route for wildlife, home to two ephemeral stream corridors, and a well established destination for recreation. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail will be realigned through this property providing access to Parley's Canyon and the PRATT Trail.


Pre-bond purchase

In conjunction with our partners, Salt Lake County has helped ensure that Grandeur Peak, located at the foot of the Parley's Crossing pedestrian bridge will be protected as open space for residents. This property is an integral link between Parley's Canyon and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that preserves and encourages non-motorized recreation activities for visitors.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Millcreek Canyon is already a popular destination for many Salt Lake County residents for entry onto U.S. National Forest lands and to access the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. This area will connect to the Rattle Snake Trailhead in Millcreek Canyon. Protecting another piece of Millcreek Canyon will benefit those who wish to hike or bike on its many trails and keep this space open for the benefit of all.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This area has been identified in the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Alignment Master Plan as a vital parcel to continue the trail along the Wasatch Front in the Mount Olympus area. Protecting this area as open space will allow Salt Lake County to protect the natural hillside and preserve the existing beauty and integrity of Mount Olympus.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Surrounded by U.S. Forest Service land, Solitude and Brighton ski resorts, Brighton and Silverfork communities, residential lots, Camp Tuttle and Redman Campground. Big Cottonwood Creek runs along this area creating a series of riparian areas within one of the few remaining high alpine vegetation zones in the Salt Lake Valley. A variety of wildlife and bird populations will be found to migrate, breed, and make this area a seasonal home.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This open space project creates a two-tier trail head and park near 7700 S Wasatch Blvd. The upper trail head will provide off-street parking and access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at Ferguson Canyon.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Located on the Bonneville Shoreline Bench at the border of Sandy City and Draper this protected open space is connected with Sandy City's Hidden Valley Park.  Sandy City manages the area for passive recreation to provide access to the extensive trail system linking to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, protecting the native habitats for wildlife, vegetation, and Little Willow Creek watershed.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This 65-acre site is a regional park for residents of Salt Lake County. As part of the County's Urban Farming program, local farmers grow produce on the parcel.


The Salt Lake County's conservation easement helps ensure protection of the watershed, wildlife habitat and system of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. The new Corner Canyon Regional Park also links to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to help facilitate an even broader hiking trail along the Wasatch Front. 


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Draper's Little Valley provides a link to Ann's Trail as a novice mountain bike trail for beginning riders to gain confidence. Salt Lake County holds a conservation easement on this property. This open space area is located near other residential developments and South Mountain Golf Course to provide sweeping views of the southern end of Salt Lake Valley. 


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

This open space will not only provide sanctuary to a variety of wildlife species, and provide much needed protected space to an area under intense development pressure, but will also maintain and extend access of the Jordan River Parkway Trail.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

Rose Canyon and Yellow Fork has long been a recreation destination for hikers, runners, mountain bikers, equestrian riders, and birders. The foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains is home to a healthy deer herd, wild turkey population, amazing wild flowers, a watershed, and a variety of bird species that continue to draw recreationists.


2006 Parks and Open Space Bond Purchase

The confluence of Cottonwood Creek and the Jordan River is home to nearly three acres of wetlands and a total of 9 acres of protected open space. This open space acquisition represents a strong commitment to protect the Jordan River for its ecological value as well as preserve and expand the growing recreational opportunities for residents.

Volunteer Opportunities

From March through October, there are an array of volunteer opportunities with Salt Lake County Open Space for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities interested in environmental stewardship. 

Single-Day Service Project

For single day events, please contact us two weeks ahead of your desired volunteer event. During summer months we recommend activities to take place in the morning or late afternoon to avoid exposure to high temperatures. We also recommend events last between two and three hours and take place from Monday –Thursday. Some weekends may be available. 

Possible day activities: Removing myrtle spurge, planting native seeds and seedlings, removing graffiti, cleaning up litter, and cutting down invasive trees like Russian olive and tamarisk. Let us know if you have a creative project idea for one of our open space sites. 

Adopt-an-Open Space

Through this free program, a group or an organization can adopt an open space area of any size to restore, revitalize, and maintain. We request that groups conduct at least one project at their adopted site per quarter, and have members of the group occasionally hike the area outside of scheduled events to help us keep an eye on how things are going.

Eagle Scout Projects

We welcome highly motivated Eagle Scouts to assist us in Open Space projects.

Possible Eagle Scout projects: building benches, building informational kiosks at trailheads, putting up beaver cages around cottonwoods on the Jordan River, and leading a conservation project (removal of invasive plants and replacing them with natives).

We would love to hear your unique proposals as well. Contact us with your project ideas or questions.

Get into the River

Get into the River is an annual festival filled with community events focused on celebrating and restoring the Jordan River. Want to sponsor a "Get into the River" event or possibly schedule a volunteer event during the festival? Contact us: 

Salt Lake County Open Space

Phone Number (385) 468-1800