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Subdivision Approval

Salt Lake County Health Department is one of the agencies that must approve a new subdivision's plat (mylar). Health Department approval requires documentation of water and sewer service as described in Salt Lake County Health Regulation #12: Subdivisions.

Contact the water and sewer utilities that will be servicing the subdivision and request service availability letters. The letters must:

  • Be issued within one year of the subdivision application.
  • Be issued on official letterhead of the water or sewer utility company.
  • Include the subdivision name and address, which must match the name and address on the subdivision plat (mylar).

Schedule a subdivision plat (mylar) signing at 385-468-3862 or email.

A subdivision plat (mylar) signing fee of $55.00 is due at the time of signing.

If the subdivision will be served by an individual drinking water system or septic systems, additional documentation and requirements are necessary. Contact the Water Quality Bureau for more information.


Approval Process

We regulate the construction of new subdivisions in the county to ensure they have adequate water and sewer systems. This protects the public’s health and safety and prevents the spread of disease, pollution, and general nuisances.

To receive health department approval for a new subdivision, you must:

  1. Get a referral from the planning agency of the municipality where the subdivision will be located and submit it to the Salt Lake County Health Department.
  2. Submit to SLCoHD:
    • Your subdivision plans
    • Proof of an adequate drinking water supply
    • Proof of adequate wastewater disposal)
    • The $55 subdivision plan review fee
  3. Schedule a subdivision plat (mylar) signing at 385-468-3862 or

The health department may perform inspections, reviews, and investigations to assure compliance. Failure to comply is a class B misdemeanor and may result in civil enforcement action or criminal prosecution.

Drinking Water

Water to a new subdivision can be supplied by either a public culinary water system or an individual culinary water system (an approved well).

If the subdivision will utilize public drinking water, the system must be approved by the Utah Division of Drinking Water. A letter from the water district stating that the system is adequate for the development (often called a "will-serve letter") can serve as a precondition of approval.

If the subdivision will utilize an individual drinking water system, you must submit documentation that the system complies with Salt Lake County Health Regulation #11: Individual Water Systems.

Sewer / Wastewater

Wastewater service to a new subdivision can be through an existing public sewer system or individual onsite wastewater disposal (septic) systems.

If the public sewer system will service the development, the sewer district should supply you with a letter assuring SLCoHD that the system can serve your development and that adding the development to the system will not overload the treatment plant.

If the development will use individual onsite wastewater disposal (septic) systems, you must submit documentation assuring that the system meets Utah Administrative Code R317 requirements, as well as additional requirements contained in Salt Lake County Health Regulation #13: Wastewater Disposal.