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Planet Fun Store

Planet Fun Has Telescopes

We have several of the most popular telescopes now in stock. Please call the Planet Fun Store at 385-468-1264 to find out which one might be right for you.

Meet our telescope expert: Tom Sevcik

A person smiling for the camera.

Tom is Clark Planetarium's telescope sales specialist. He has been building and using telescopes for more than 50 years. Tom is the past vice president of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, and an active member of the club. He teaches classes on astrophotography at places like Great Basin National Park and Antelope Island. He is especially knowledgeable with the new generation of computer-guided telescopes, many of which we sell here at Clark Planetarium.

You can chat with Tom by calling the Planet Fun Store at 385-468-1264. 

A close-up of a tripod.Planet Fun has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for educational toys and games, or star books and telescopes, our store has unique products the whole family can enjoy.