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STEAM Activities

Welcome to Clark Planetarium Classroom, your online resource for STEAM activities for all ages.

Clark Planetarium’s science experts offer a glimpse into the cosmos with activities and science projects streamed through social media. In addition, you’ll also find all kinds of STEAM activities you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Learn to cook S’mores using solar power, launch your own straw rockets, or even build a hovercraft.   So check in often, and keep shooting for -- and learning about -- the stars.

Grades K-2 

Straw Rockets   Elasticity In Balls

The Naked Egg  Making A Straw Boat

Creating a cup tower

Grades 3-5

Solar Power S'mores    Earthquake Simulation   

Erosion Rates    The Naked Egg

Binary Bracelets    Egg Drop Challenge

Grades 6-8

Chemical Weathering   Erosion In Rivers

Marshmallow Catapult   Make A Bottle Rocket

Black Hole Worksheet     Egg Drop Design Challenge

Grades 9-12

Simple Hovercraft    Steel Wool and Battery

Crystal Egg Geodes     Egg Drop Design Challenge