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Get a Monument Permit

Pre-Construction Request

Use this form if you are planning construction activities and would like the Salt Lake County Surveyor’s office to verify the number of monuments that will be disturbed. For full functionality, download this form and fill it out.

New Monument Permits

Our monument permit process is now online. Please fill out a separate permit for each subdivision phase. 

Existing Monument Permits

In accordance with Section 17-23-14 of the Utah State Code and Chapter 14.17 of the Salt Lake County Code of Ordinances, any person performing construction activities within 30 feet of an existing public survey monument shall notify the county surveyor at least five business days before the activity. The person shall apply for a monument preservation permit and pay a fee of four hundred dollars ($400) for each monument within the affected area identified in the permit application. After completion of the construction activities, the applicant may request a partial refund of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for each public survey monument that was not actually disturbed. Use this form for new subdivision construction, or for proposed construction activities where the number of disturbed monuments is known.