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Mapping & GIS

The Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office GIS Department creates, maintains, and distributes GIS data, technology, and mapping services to a variety of agencies, departments, and the public. Some of the projects and data we are currently responsible for include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerial Photography and LiDAR acquisition and distribution.
  • Custom mapping services, printed and digital.
  • Topographical and slope analysis and mapping.
  • Political and municipal boundary creation and maintenance.
  • E-911 Support.
  • Geocoding and data creation.
    Numerous maps and aerial imagery are available from the Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office. Our experienced staff can prepare maps and preform GIS analysis on a custom basis. Map options include digital and hard copy maps of custom paper sizes and types, such as glossy photo paper, up to 60" wide. We also have various vintages of aerial photography. Please contact our GIS department to discuss your mapping needs.



Drone Services

The Surveyor’s Office has a certified Drone program and utilizes this technology to capture and analyze images and elevation data.