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Jail Dashboard

The Jail Dashboard project is a collaboration between the Criminal Justice Advisory Council team and Sheriff Rosie Rivera.

The Jail Dashboard is an interactive tool that pulls data from the Salt Lake County Jail’s data system. It is updated every day and provides general information about the current jail population including the demographic makeup of current jail inmates, which agency brought them to the jail, for what reason, and how long they have stayed.

Salt Lake County Dashboard

Jail Dashboard FAQ

Salt Lake County receives a lot of questions about the jail population. This tool was created in an effort to be transparent with the public about the characteristics of our population and to answer some of the common questions we receive about our inmates.

The jail dashboard is a daily snapshot of who is occupying a jail bed right now. Because it is a point in time look, the dashboard won’t capture everyone who is brought to the jail in a day (i.e., those that are booked and released relatively quickly).

The first goal of this tool is to be transparent about our jail population.

We are hopeful this tool will help us better understand the population and its characteristics, and spark dialogue throughout our community about how we can work together to improve what we see. In particular, we hope the Jail Dashboard generates conversations about potential initiatives to reduce the length of stay for specific groups of people, alternatives to incarceration, and the need for additional programs or system-wide changes.

Our goal was to be as informative and transparent as possible, while not compromising inmate privacy or jail security in any way. All data provided is in the aggregate, and information about inmate’s health, mental health, substance use, or security status is not included.

The “housing status” metric is based on self-reported information provided by an inmate at the time of booking.

It is not a crime to experience homelessness. We have included this data because we think it is important to better understand the overlap between homelessness and the criminal justice system.

Domestic Violence is selected as a yes/no flag by the arresting officer at the time of booking. It shows if any charge that a person is facing relates to domestic violence.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the jail dashboard and help answer any questions you might have.

John Krantz

Jail Dashboard Coordinator

See information about The Salt Lake County Jail’s Policy and Practice Regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)