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Communicate with a Prisoner

Ways to Connect with Prisoners

Prisoners may only make calls out and cannot receive calls. Prisoners can make collect calls or buy a phone card using their commissary account. Access to "collect call only" phones are generally available from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. There may be circumstances affecting prisoner phone availability including: prisoner housing area, prisoner classification and other unforeseen operational issues. These extenuating circumstances can affect prisoner phone access times. Cell phones can accept collect calls by setting up a pre-paid phone account. Pre-paid phone accounts can be set up at or by calling 1-877-650-4249.

***Import Information*** We have been made aware of an imitation website posing as our new phone provider GLOBAL TEL LINK (GTL). Please be aware the website GLOBALTEL.NET is not associated with GLOBAL TEL LINK (GTL) or the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Accounts and funds set up through GLOBALTEL.NET cannot be used for prisoners housed at the Salt Lake County Jail.

Telephone Rules and Regulations

  • Prisoners will normally have access to housing area phones from 0700 to 2130. Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes (30 minutes if using a TDD machine). Prisoners cannot bill or transfer these calls to a third party. Any attempt to do so may result in termination of the call.
    • TDD Machines are available for the hearing impaired. Requests for access to the machine may be submitted to the Housing Unit Officer on a “Prisoner Request Form.”
    • If using a TDD machine, a list of the telephone numbers must be submitted with the request in order to activate the 30 minute limit for the TDD machine.
  • The Jails will not place or accept phone calls for prisoners.
  • Prisoners will use housing area telephones to contact attorneys and courts.
  • The Jail may monitor and/or record telephone calls, except those made to a prisoner's attorney.
  • Prisoners will not contact or attempt to contact victims or witnesses in any of their cases or cases involving other prisoners.
  • Telephone harassment, including repeated, unwanted, threatening, or solicitous telephone use is prohibited. Telephone harassment is a crime and may result in criminal charges and/or disciplinary action.
  • It is a crime to contact any petitioner or person listed in a protective or no-contact order.
  • Any excessively loud, abusive, threatening or obscene language may result in the immediate termination of telephone calls and may be grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Prisoners will not make telephone calls for other prisoners or solicit them to make telephone calls on their behalf. Doing so may result in disciplinary action.

The Salt Lake County Jail has changed inmate phone service providers. Voicemail communication is currently unavailable and will be reinstated shortly. Thank you for your patience while we make these changes

The Salt Lake County Jail offers an email service for communicating quickly and easily with prisoners. Email is the fastest way to send and receive communications for a nominal fee.

Emails cost $0.50 per message.

Visit OffenderConnect to send an electronic message.

Prisoners may send as many letters as they wish as long as they use pre-stamped envelopes from the commissary. Prisoners may also receive mail. All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband and must meet the criteria of the mailing rules or they will not be delivered to the prisoner.

Mailing Rules

  • Incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband before being delivered to the prisoner.
  • All materials, except paper products and photographs up to 4X6 are considered contraband.
  • Incoming mail containing the following will be returned to sender. In some cases items will be removed and discarded. If this is cannot be done without destroying text or pictures, they will be returned.
  • Prohibited Items
    • Stamps - Soiled or Stained Paper - Tape - Stickers
    • Glue - Lipstick - Staples - Correction tape or liquid
    • Paper clips - Nude photographs - Watermarks
    • Prisoner to prisoner correspondence (unless pre-approved)
    • Crayon - Instant Photographs - Photo Stickers
    • Glitter or Confetti - Paint marks - Marker or highlighter
    • Mail containing more than twelve (12) Photographs
    • Blank greeting or post cards - Laminated items
  • Enclosed blank paper, envelopes, or other writing materials will be discarded.
  • Stamps and stamped envelopes are contraband and will be returned.
  • Photographs depicting gang signs or paraphernalia are contraband and will be returned to sender. If the sender is unknown, mail will be held for 90 days. If it is unclaimed in that time period, it will be sent back to the United States Postal Office.
  • Bulk rate mail will be refused or discarded, except for paid subscriptions, and materials received from a recognized religious organization directed to named prisoner.
  • If any incoming mail is rejected, the sender, if known and the prisoner addressee will be notified in writing.
  • Prisoners may receive new soft cover books and periodicals directly from a publisher, book club, or book retailer (including internet retailers).
  • All incoming mail must be delivered by the the United States Postal Service. All other deliveries will be refused. (ie UPS, DHL, Fed Ex, Airborne, ect)
  • If money is in the form of cash, the cash will be credited to the prisoner’s account and a receipt issued. Money orders, cashier checks or a certified bank check not made out to the prisoner, or lacking a return address of the sender, is contraband and will be placed in the prisoner’s property. If the money is certified check or money order, the prisoner’s commissary account will be credited and a receipt issued.
  • If money is received after a prisoner is released, checks and money orders will be mailed back to the sender. Cash will be added to the prisoner’s account balance.
  • Always remember to write the prisoner’s name and SO# on the envelopes and money orders. This expedites delivery of prisoner mail and allows for quicker deposits on the prisoner’s account.

Mailing Address

(Note - this address is also used for prisoners housed at Oxbow)

Prisoner's Name (and SO# if known)c/o Salt Lake County Metro Jail3415 S. 900 W.Salt Lake City, UT 84119