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Youth Government

The Salt Lake County Youth Government is an excellent opportunity for Salt Lake County middle school and high school students to learn more about their government and develop leadership, advocacy, and service skills through hands-on experience.

A group of people holding certificates.

Youth government is structured like the official Salt Lake County government; students can declare their candidacy and run for a variety of offices. Youth who want to participate but not hold an official elected position are also welcome, and they do not need to be otherwise affiliated with student governments or municipal youth councils to be involved.

During the year, students meet elected officials and learn more about their roles and responsibilities; learn about organizations that play a strong role in the community; learn how to be impactful advocates; and gain leadership experience through organizing service projects and other events in the community.

Contact the Mayor's Office for more information regarding Youth Government.


Current Officials

  • Mayor: Shayan
  • Deputy Mayor: Eric
  • Council Member: Soraya
  • Council Member: Kamryn
  • Council Member: Julia