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Continuing Disclosures & Material Event Notices

The County has executed Continuing Disclosure Undertaking (the “Disclosure Undertaking”) for the benefit of the Beneficial Owners of its Bonds and, as part of the Disclosure Undertaking, has agreed to send certain information annually. The County has also agreed to provide notice of certain events to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board through its Electronic Municipal Market Access system, pursuant to the requirements of paragraph (b)(5) of Rule 15c2–12 adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

The information to be provided on an annual basis, the events which will be noticed on an occurrence basis, and other terms of the Disclosure Undertaking, including termination, amendment, and remedies, are set forth in the respective Disclosure Undertaking.  Based on such prior Disclosure Undertakings the County submits its Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, and other operating and financial information, on or before July 18th (not more than 200 days from the end of the Fiscal Year).

Material Event Notices By Year