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File for a Business Personal Property Exemption

All tangible property is taxable, unless exemption is provided for by the Utah Constitution and enacted by the legislature.

Who is Exempt?

The Utah Legislature has exempted the following specific property and entities:

  • Livestock and farm machinery and equipment
  • Inventory held for resale in the normal course of business
  • Household furnishings used exclusively at the owner’s home.
      Personal Property Exemptions Call 385-468-7999 for more information.
  • Disabled veterans may qualify for an exemption based on percent of disability
      (Application required)
  • Blind individuals are entitled to an $11,500 exemption
      ( Exemption Application required)
  • Religious institutions 
  • Charitable organizations 
  • Educational institutions 

An exemption for small business and a per-item exemption for equipment in certain classes are also available. Please contact the Personal Property Division for specific details.

Call 385-468-7238 for exemption application information