About the Clark Planetarium

Mission Statement

Clark Planetarium’s mission is to inspire and engage curious minds by connecting people to the wonder of the universe.

Vision Statement

Clark Planetarium’s vision is to create inclusive, accessible, fun, and engaging STEAM experiences that help people discover the scientist within themselves. We aim to grow our impact in the community and be a leader in supporting science engagement, creating positive change in the world around us.


Clark Planetarium Staff


Duke Johnson, MS

Clark Planetarium Director

Email djjohnson@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1234

Jason Sills

Associate Division Director of Programs and Marketing

Email jasills@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1252

Anna Marie Tueller

Associate Division Director of Fiscal, Operations & IT

Email atueller@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1221

Richard Cox

IT Manager

Email rcox@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1247

Community Programs

Anna Swenson

Community Programs Supervisor

Email aswenson@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1240

Misty Morris

Volunteer & Community Programs Coordinator

Email mmorris@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1248


Jason Trump

Education Program Supervisor

Email jtrump@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1248

Exhibit & Fulldome Film Sales

Clark Planetarium Productions

Email ClarkProductions@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1252

Guest Experience

Bentley Pistorius

Guest Experience Team Manager

Email bpistorius@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1231

Planet Fun Gift Store

Email bpistorius@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1264

Marketing & Memberships

Andrea Doubek

Marketing & Communications Supervisor

Email adoubek@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1236

Maureen Ford

Membership Coordinator

Email mford@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1225

Shane Janz

Website & Graphic Designer

Email sjanz@slco.org

Phone 385-468-1237


Email clarkeventsrentals@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1255

Reservations for Field Trips & Groups

Dane Richeson

Reservations Coordinator

Email dricheson@slco.org

Phone 385-456-1227

Clark Planetarium Advisory Board

Offering strategic guidance, this exceptional group helps shape the organization’s vision and direction.

View the monthly board minutes and agenda.

  • Ahsan Iqbal, Community Volunteer, Chair
  • Jim Brass, Community Volunteer, Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Ebbeler, eFUSION Consulting
  • Andrea Garavito-Martinez, PhD, Weber State University
  • James Karner, PhD, University of Utah Department of Geology
  • Emily Lenhardt, Utah Women Astronomical Society 
  • Bianca Lyon, University of Utah College of Science
  • Madelaine Miller Anderson, Community Volunteer
  • Pricilla Hansen Neve, George T. Hansen Foundation
  • Rodney Parker, Snow, Christensen and Martineau, Strategic Planning Chair
  • Marisol Perez Gonzalez, Network Director, United Way
  • Olga Siggins, Northrop Grumman
  • Laurie Stringham, Salt Lake County Council
  • Tanasia Valdez, Salt Lake Community College

    Special thanks to Mayor Jenny Wilson and the Salt Lake County Council