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march internship leadership lunch

March Internship Leadership Lunch

Imagine the possibilities And explore the opportunities

The Salt Lake County Internship Program is a great opportunity for current and recent undergraduate, graduate, and post- graduate students to gain valuable hands-on work experience, satisfy educational goals, and develop networking opportunities in their area of study.  The program provides paid and unpaid internships and offers interns firsthand knowledge of the county government organizational structure and experience in a public sector environment.

  • Obtain hands-on and meaningful experience
  • Expand your local, professional network
  • Exposure to a public sector environment 
  • Build your resume by adding to your professional experience


Internship Opportunities & Contact Info

Aging and Adult Services

The community’s one-stop shop for older adults, their families and caregivers. For more information contact Roseanna Clark

Animal Services

Provides support, education, protection and advocacy for all animals and members of the community. For more information contact Ann Lee

Arts & Culture

Music, theatre, drama, art – it all happens at the Center for the Arts venues. For more information contact Krystal Cardenas


The Assessor’s Office oversees the valuation of real and personal property is an integral part of the property assessment process. For more information contact Reco Redhor


The Auditor’s Office fosters improved decision making, strengthening the internal control environment, and improves operational effectiveness through audits, analysis, communication, and training. For more information contact Brad Rogers

Behavioral Health

Works with local mental health and substance use disorder providers to provide a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with behavioral health conditions. For more information contact Eve Martinez

Clark Planetarium

Community educational resource for learning about the science in our everyday lives and the wonders of the universe. For more information contact Lindsie Smith


The Salt Lake County Clerk directs the Election, Marriage, Passport and Council Clerk Divisions for Salt Lake County. For more information contact Loretta Garcia

Contracts and Procurement

Provides purchasing services to attain the best value for the county while promoting fair and open competition. For more information contact Angelina Harward-Collard


Adopts the County budget, a portion of which is supported by property taxes, and directs the activities of the Board of Equalization. For more information contact Brad Kendrick

Criminal Justice

Offers jail alternatives for salt Lake County residents, including jail release, supervision, education, treatment, competency development and offender accountability. For more information contact Kristina Pulsipher

District Attorney

The District Attorney's Office is responsible for a wide variety of legal work, including prosecution of all felony criminal matters in the County, as well as handling civil governmental legal work and government litigation. For more information contact Jake Reyes

Facilities Services

Builds, maintains and operates efficient and effective facilities throughout Salt Lake County. For more information contact Elvana Kljajo

Fleet Management

Handles the transportation and mobile mechanical needs for Salt Lake County Agencies and Districts. For more information contact Mike Terry

Flood Control Engineering

Provides permitting, inspection, engineering design and maintenance services along over 500 miles of county waterways. For more information contact Mary Dawson


Offers a wide variety of services designed to promote and protect community and environmental health. For more information contact April Sosa

Human Resources 

For more information contact Martinha Penrod

Information Technology

Leverages technology solutions to create business efficiency and government transparency. For more information contact Truc Tran


Provides a wealth of materials in various formats and events for all ages. For more information contact Randi White

Mayor's Office

Students with an interest in government, public service, and politics and of all majors should consider an internship in the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office. This program is intended to be a semester long with mentorship and learning opportunities. Some of our special programs include Speaker Series, Walk In the Mayor’s Shoes for a day, and a student legislative day at the State Capitol.

For more information contact contact Michelle Hicks

Parks and Recreation (& Golf)

Operates and maintains parks, trails and open space, golf courses, recreation centers, swimming pools, ice centers and Wheeler Historic Farm. For more information contact Melissa Lugo

Public Works Operations

Provides high quality maintenance services promoting the safety and welfare of County residents. Services include pavement management, snow and ice control. For more information contact Tonya Keller


Maintains records of property ownership, liens, filings, etc. as well as legal descriptions and related plats of all property in the county. For more information contact Holly Hutchison


Protects and serves the community through progressive, comprehensive, and cost-effective law enforcement, corrections initiatives, and court services. For more information contact Amber Arnold

Solid Waste Management

Provides environmental stewardship, financial integrity, safety, recycling education and quality service to benefit the environment, residents, business and employees of Salt Lake County. For more information contact Krystalyn Quirarte


Provides quality surveying and mapping services to protect, preserve, and perpetuate property boundary rights. For more information contact Lisa Van Buskirk


Bills and collects all real property taxes, administers statutory tax relief programs, refunds tax overpayments, distributes all taxes collected to local tax entities. For more information contact Phil Conder

Volunteer Services

For more information contact Destiny Garcia


Provides immediate safety, shelter and support to children, youth and families in crisis throughout Salt Lake County. For more information contact JD Green

Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP)

Provides funding that enables growth and development of cultural, artistic, zoological, botanical and recreational opportunities within the County. For more information contact Kirsten Darrington

How do I apply?

How do I apply?

Thank you for your interest in an internship with Salt Lake County. To apply for internships please go to our job board. The posting will be labeled as "Internship" under the Position Type. If there is not an internship listed for the agency you are interested in working for, please contact the agency internship coordinator.


Nathan Scholz, Former Intern

“Seeking internship placement with J.L. Sorenson Recreation Center and Salt Lake County has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the duration of two separate internships, I was given the opportunity to work approximately 20 different programs and events, in a variety of capacities, including leadership and supervisory roles. Program coordinators and supervisors at this facility were willing to reward me with an increase in responsibility and opportunity as I demonstrated competence, commitment, reliability, and a willingness to learn. They were also eager to teach me, answer my questions, and facilitate my learning and growth however they could, which was very important to me as a student. As a result, I have experienced substantial learning, growth and opportunity while making the transition from student to professional. I would highly recommend an internship with J.L. Sorenson Recreation Center and Salt Lake County to any ambitious parks, recreation, and tourism students.”

Alexia Sauer

Alexia Sauer,
Former Intern

“My internship with Salt Lake County as a Special Projects Intern in the Township Office introduced me to the professional world and presented my city in an entirely different light. The township team aided my growth through meeting collaborations, providing creative outlets, encouraging me to take part in county events, and exposing me to community projects. My supervisor and officemates helped me learn SLCO’s process and procedures, while educating me on the townships within the city. I finished my internship with an array of new skills under my belt and an experience that will help me with my career in the future.”

Zech Haws

Zechariah Haws,
Former Intern

During my internship Patrick Reimherr, Senior Advisor and Government Relations Director,  showed a great deal of trust in me. He allowed me to work with SLCo senior staff, Utah legislators, and prominent business leaders on a regular basis. I was tasked with supervising the tracking of important bills, coordinating our weekly legislative meetings, and drafting talking points for bill hearings that Patrick would testify at. I was given the opportunity to personally petition Utah senators and representatives for their support of key SLCo bills, and worked with lobbyists to ensure that the bills would be pass into law. I am most proud of being able to assist with the passing of H.B.436: Housing and Homeless Reform Initiative. This bill will restructure the Utah homeless services system to ensure that the most vulnerable in our state are protected from poverty, crime, and corruption. If you want an internship that exposes you to the greatest and most talented minds in the state, gives you opportunities to grow, builds your network, and prepares you for your future goals, I highly recommend becoming a legislative intern for the Salt Lake County Mayor's Office. I want to thank Mayor McAdams, Patrick Reimherr, Kara Trevino, Shaleane Gee, and many others who made this internship the highlight of my undergraduate education.

Isabella Alder

Isabella Alder,
Former Intern

"My time spent as a Community Health Intern at the Salt Lake County Health Department (SLCHD) solidified my decision to pursue a career in public health. This internship fulfilled the practicum requirements for my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Utah. Furthermore, it was an ideal culminating experience for my graduate degree; I had to draw upon the principles taught in the MPH program in order to develop appropriate and effective strategies to meet the health needs of the community. While the focus of my internship was on developing strategies to address Salt Lake County's opioid overdose epidemic, my preceptor ensured that I had opportunities to explore all areas of the local health department that were of interest to me. I am incredibly impressed by SLCHD's dedication to the community - perhaps the best part of this internship was the opportunity to be surrounded by passionate, knowledgeable, and diligent mentors. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in pursuing a future in public health."

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of internship opportunities are available?

Salt Lake County currently offers internships for academic credit as well as paid internships.  Whether internships are for credit or for pay will depend on the hiring agency and will be noted on the intern job posting.

What makes an unpaid internship different from a volunteer position?

Volunteers - Any person who donates approved services, without pay and without remuneration or reimbursement other than approved incidental expenses.

Unpaid Interns - An intern that participates with the County in an educational or academic capacity designed to provide the student with professional experience in the continuance of their education and training. An unpaid intern shall be affiliated with a school contract and/or receive academic credit. An unpaid Intern is not an employee under FLSA regulations. 

What is the length and hours of an internship assignment?

The length of an internship is variable and is dependent on the hiring agency’s needs and budget.

What level of education is required for internship opportunities?

Internships are available for students in high school, career and trade programs, as well as undergraduate and graduate programs.  Internships are also available for post-graduate students.

If I am a current merit employee, may I apply for an internship opportunity at Salt Lake County?

Yes, with supervisor approved.  The combined paid and/or unpaid hours worked must not exceed 40 hours a week.

Who can I talk to about internship opportunities?

You can contact any Agency Internship Coordinators as listed in the Salt Lake County Internship Directory. 

Will interns be considered for employment?

Interns are encouraged to review job openings by visiting the Salt Lake County Human Resources Job Center  at

Does the intern have any obligation to Salt Lake County at the end of the internship?

The intern is under no obligation to Salt Lake County after completion of the prescribed work period(s) for an internship. Interns will be required to return the employee badge, keys, and any other County property.