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Worksite Wellness


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Join us in our mission is to make Salt Lake County the healthiest place in the country. The Salt Lake County Health Department offers more than 135 programs and services to the general public, but did you know we offer special programs specifically for worksites? These programs help improve your employee's overall health and improve your worksite wellness program. We can help with policies, trainings, resources, technical assistance, provide data analysis, and more. The best part, it’s completely free and some programs we even pay you to do! We will even promote your business as one of the healthiest places to work in Salt Lake County through the Worksite Wellness Award!

How it works- Pick a program(s) of interest and meet with a Salt Lake County Health Department worksite expert to set goals of things your worksite would like to improve upon. Next, work on implementing the goals you have chosen. Once you have accomplished the goals, the Salt Lake County Health Department will help promote your business as one of the healthiest places to work in Salt Lake County through the Utah Worksite Wellness Award. To view the programs we offer to worksites, click on the tabs on the top of this page. Once you have found a program of interest, please reach out to to get started or fill out this survey.

Worksite Wellness


There are several things that the health department can do to help you improve the physical health of employees at your worksite. Here are some ideas:

  • Nutrition Policy and Programs: Assist with writing new policies or improving current policies, help establish healthy vending, assist with cafeteria improvement projects, and help with healthy negotiations.
  • Physical Activity: Assist with writing new policies or improving current policies, participation in Corporate games with SLCo, and help set up your worksite to encourage and promote physical activity (signage, exercise room, etc.).
  • Diabetes Prevention: Help prevent your employees from becoming diabetic by becoming a host for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, and we can pay your worksite up to $3,500! Worksites that have a clinic on site can participate in a Diabetes Self-Management Education program.
  • Tobacco Free: Assist with writing new policies or improving current policies to be in accordance with the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, provide signage, provide information on quitting tobacco, help your worksite become tobacco free (not just smoke free!).


Mental health affects how employees think, feel, and act. If employees are not mentally healthy, they might develop unhealthy thoughts or feelings that could be dangerous. We can help with:

  • Suicide Prevention: Providing education on safe suicide prevention messaging, providing suicide prevention resources, providing education materials to promote means reductions (such as gun locks), connect to resources specific to high-risk groups, provide QPR (question, persuade, refer) trainings.

Policy Guidance: Connect you to a working minds instructor to help develop or adjust policies to create an environment conducive to mental health and wellness

Check out BeThe1To for resources to use in your worksite for suicide prevention including knowing warning signs, the importance of self-care, making a safety plan, knowing the risk factors, reporting on suicide safely, and resources for suicide loss survivors


Employees want to know their employer cares about them- not only as an employee, but also as a person. Let us help you improve your accommodation programs by:

  • Breastfeeding: Help write or improve current policies that adhere with lactation laws, help support mother’s in the workplace (ex. education materials, chair, mini fridge).
  • Daycare: Have your onsite child care center become a TOP Star endorsed facility to help improve children’s nutrition and physical activity (incentives will be given upon endorsement), help educate parents to look for a TOP Star center.
  • On-Site Clinics: Work with clinic employees on disease management to help patients effectively and efficiently manage disease (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol).
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Community Responsibility

For real community health changes to occur, problems must be addressed from all angles, including places of employment. We can guide you in areas of need in your community and help you create a healthier community.

  • Needs Identification: Identify a community need that is important to your company and together we can help implement projects or activities to help fight those issues.