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Where Are They Now: Dizzy

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
October 28, 2019

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Where Are They Now, Dizzy

Where are they now! Meet Dizzy, she was adopted from the Salt Lake County Animal Services several months ago. We love getting updates on how pets are doing once they settle into their new homes. Did you adopt a pet from our shelter? Share your story with

Here is an update from Dizzy's new home: 

Just a quick update on Dizzy (German Shorthair Pointer formerly known as Luna).

She is doing awesome. She has seen our Vet twice. Once when we first returned for their overview & exam, and the second time about 10 days ago for a torn (upper) nail. She tore the nail climbing a cyclone fence, or at least that is our best guess. Ella & I have caught her climbing a 4' fence (which she could easily jump if she wanted) and trying go exploring. Both times, she KNEW she was wrong and returned on command.  Extensive follow up "boundary" training has corrected most concerns. Like most GSP's, she is stubborn and has her own ideas. A terrific quality she has is her desire to want to please and do the right thing. Dizzy is incredibly responsive to positive reinforcement.  She is very smart and focused, when she wants to be.

Dizzy is now officially part of our family and we believe she is loving life!  I can't wait to get her out for her first experience hunting pheasant & chukar with Maggie. We have a place where she can run free (safely) and just get used to this field environment.  I attached a quick photo of her sitting/laying in her usual crazy way. And yes, she was snoring just like Maggie was at the same time. This was after playing together on their 2 acres of open land.

Thanks again for all of your efforts and rest assured that Dizzy is as happy as a dog can be. Personally, I forgot how much time & work is sometimes needed correcting & training. But, it is all worth it!  She is a terrific little sister for Maggie and wonderful addition to our family. She is now socializing well with other dogs & people too.  We will keep you updated and send more photos.

~ Dennis