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meet woodstock part 1

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
October 28, 2015

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Meet Woodstock

Woodstock, a two year-old border collie mix, came to Salt Lake County Animal Services this past July with severe physical problems. He walked with a severe limp due to fractures on both hind legs. In order to help him heal he would need two surgeries: a total hip replacement on his left side and the other would require surgery on his right hock, a joint similar to a human ankle. As for his emotional problems: being scared of  touch, of humans, and not knowing how to be pet, those would have to wait. The staff at Animal Services decided to tackle his physical boundaries first.

In order for him to have the surgeries living in the shelter wasn’t a possibility for multiple reasons. Imagine being put on roller-skates for the first time and pushed out onto a slick floor like linoleum. Our flooring isn’t conducive to a dog that can barely walk. The surgeon needed to make sure Woodstock was healthy. He needed to live at least 2-weeks outside of the shelter for us to make sure he was germ free. We had to find Woodstock a foster family.

Family #1 seemed like a great fit but Woodstock couldn’t stand to be in a crate, he tried to break free and scratched up his face trying to do so.

Family #2 was just a temporary solution until we could find him a long term foster because they were moving out of the country.

Family #3….well that’s another story.

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