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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
October 22, 2020

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halloween pet safety

The Halloween season can be scary for pets, especially dogs, when they encounter spooky houses or people in costumes. Please be prepared and prevent your dog from getting lost or injured during this time. Here are some tips from Salt Lake County Animal Services to use during this Halloween. Check out our video below as well.


  • Make sure tags and microchip are current
  • Write phone number on collar
  • Write phone number on duct tape and then wrap it around collar (If you don’t have time to get somewhere to get a new tag)

On Your Walk:

  • Get walks in early
  • Take your dogs favorite treats with you in case they see anything scary
  • Emergency lure: take a bunch of treats in your hand, glue it to your dogs’ nose and lure them out of the situation
  • Have two points of contact on your dog:
  • One leash on collar and one on harness
  • Hook two carabiners together and clip one to harness and one on collar and use one leash on either collar or harness
  • If you see a stray pet while on your walk, please be cautious before approaching, especially if you have on a costume that can scare them. Scared animals may either bolt or bite.
  • If you restrain a lost pet, please call your local animal control. In Salt Lake County: 801-840-4000.

In Your House:

  • Set up baby gates or ex-pens around doorways to prevent pets escaping
  • If dressing up pets, make it positive! Play with them, feed them their favorite treats, give them breaks
  • Some signs of stress: lip licking, yawning, shaking off and panting. Wearing a costume may stress out your pet.
  • Safe place to go such as bedroom or crate, with music/tv playing and a frozen Kong
  • Keep candy out of reach! Supervise pets if candy is out, ask dogs to leave it, send them to their beds. If you can’t supervise, make sure candy is stored up high, preferably in a cabinet and out of reach. Xylitol and chocolate are toxic. If your pet ingests either of those things call your local animal hospital for further instructions.