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Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
November 05, 2020

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November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month — a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes. Shelters and rescues across the country hope those looking to adopt a new furry friend will consider adding a senior pet to the family this month. Check out Salt Lake County Animal Services senior pets online

Senior pets have trouble finding adoptive homes and while we can all agree that puppies and kittens are adorable, older pets are just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts. Not to mention, adopting a senior animal companion comes with some great advantages:  

*Senior pets are typically calmer than puppies and kittens

*Senior pets are typically already House trained and past the teething stage

*Senior pets typically know all of their basic commands but are still willing to learn some more.

*Senior pets low-key nature makes them great fit for homes with small children, so long as the children know how to gently interact with an animal

*They are less demanding and usually fit into many households, including apartments.

From November 5-30, 2020 - Salt Lake County Animal Services is offering:
$40 Dog Adoption Fees for dogs over 5 years-old
$11 Cat Adoption Fees for cats over 5 years-old


Understanding the personality of a pet is key in finding a perfect match and a successful adoption. Puppies and kittens are still developing their personalities, with a senior pet what you see is what you get. You will know if a senior dog is a “Lovebug” or if your Senior Cat is an “Independent Companion” You will not need to worry about drastic personality changes, too much energy or how big they may get.

Bringing any animal into your home you should expect that you will need to face unique challenges, all pets will need regular vet visits, dental care and checkups to stay in good health.

Senior pets often make the most grateful adoptees, they seem to know that you opened your heart and your home to them, and they are loved and will be cared for. We have often heard once a person has adopted a senior and seen the love and gratitude, they have they will always adopt a senior.

If you are interested in adopting a senior pet please visit our website at to view all of our wonderful animal hoping to find their forever homes.

Interested in fostering? Email our Foster Coordinator at to find out more.

Our Senior to Senior program offers adopters 55 years of age or older adoption an animal 5 years of age or older a free adoption. Find out more at