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I Need a Place to Stay Tonight

There are several resources to find immediate shelter.

  • Family and Friends. Do you have family or friends who would be available to house you for the night or put you up in a hotel?

  • Homeless Resource Centers. Call the triage line, (801) 990-9999, to inquire about a bed for the night. They have resources to help find an available bed or explore other options for shelter, and are available to call between 8am and 5pm

  • Utah 211. 2-1-1 is a free social services hotline that can connect you with housing services.

  • Salt Lake County’s Emergency Shelters. Some shelters only serve specific demographics. Make sure you are eligible for a bed before arriving. Click here for shelter information.

If you are currently homeless or facing homelessness, once your immediate situation is resolved, follow up with the I am Looking for a Long-Term Solution page for additional resources.


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